The 10 Best IT Helpdesk Ticketing Systems You Must Try in 2022

it help desk ticketing software

A help desk is a digital platform where customers can ask and clear queries. Once a customer sends a query, It Help Desk Ticketing Software log, organize, and resolve these queries by reporting them to the authority.

The entire process includes elements such as ticket management, automation suite, reporting, and optimization. The platform also serves as a knowledge forum for repeat or ongoing requests. 

Companies adopt helpdesk software as it enables faster turnover for technology-related issues, customer satisfaction, increased revenue, and optimized productivity. A helpdesk provides a single system that effectively fosters communication, tracks, manages, and analyzes issues.

The It Help Desk Ticketing Software To Try Out

1. SolarWinds Web Help Desk

The help desk is specifically designed for handling customer queries and asset management. The software can be downloaded, after which you can manage support tickets, IT assets, and alter management requests. The platform also allows for integration with third-party tools for IT asset management.

2. Jira Service Desk

Contrary to SolarWinds, this platform is designed for ITSM and customer service. The solutions allow for seamless connection with a company’s popular project management system, the Jira Software. 

The Jira service desk can be extended using over 350 third-party add-ons. These add-ons include tools for asset management, CRM, surveys, and various other IT-related tasks.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot allows you to log, organize, and track customer support tickets through a single user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard can be accessed by the entire team while reps can view all communications made on a particular ticket and check its progress through the troubleshooting process. 

Moreover, tickets are linked to customer records so that customer service representatives can easily trace a customer’s previous engagements with the company.

A HubSpot helpdesk also provides metrics in the form of ticket analytics. These metrics include agent response time, ticket volume, among others that help keep track of team performance. It helps identify key roadblocks that may prevent a team from achieving its business goals.

4. Spiceworks

The helpdesk software is easily customizable to cater to your company’s requirements. The free ticketing software can be extended as it integrates with a variety of IT support apps for processes such as inventory management, remote support, and network monitoring. 

Spiceworks offers flexibility through on-premise and cloud versions and has no ticket or device limitations.

5. osTicket

The helpdesk provides Hospitality Technology Support with all the necessary functionality you may expect from IT support systems. This also provides a free open-source platform or a cloud-based ticketing platform through a monthly subscription plan.

The main benefit of osTicket is that it can auto-triage incoming requests by setting up custom fields, queues, and forms after the ticket submission. Hence, it can forward a ticket to its assigned agent.

6. Jitbit

The platform provides stellar cloud and self-hosted solutions and focuses primarily on simplicity. In no sense is the software limited. 

The minimalistic interface offers powerful automation triggers that send automatic replies, assign technicians to tickets, and set ticket due dates. Hence, it is a great help desk for companies offering services.

7. ConnectWise

It is much more than it helps desk ticketing software since it offers complete business process automation. It has been designed to help companies manage multiple support workflows under a single digital roof. The platform also showcases other capabilities such as time tracking, reporting, project management, billing, and procurement.

8. ServiceNow

It specializes in providing ticketing support to enterprises and transcends basic incident logging. The platform brings all IT operations under one roof and ranges from ITSM and governance to Development Operations.

 The software allows you to track custom metrics and create your workflow for internal users, customers, and IT staff.

9. Zammad

It is a web-based open-source helpdesk support system that allows companies to provide IT service via several channels like telephone Twitter, Facebook, chat, and email. The ticket escalation rules and “desired deadlines” apply not only to tickets but also to clients and organizations.

10. Freshdesk

The helpdesk is a cloud-based platform that possesses all the essential IT support features under one roof. It functions based on your plans that revolve around ticket management, team collaboration, social ticketing, and reporting.

Freshdesk enables agents and managers to easily filter outstanding tickets with regards to various criteria and ensures that issues are addressed on time.

So, choose it help desk ticketing software that meets your company’s needs and strive for better customer service to enhance your growth potential.

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