10 Fun Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas for Families

things to do in Cabo San Lucas

Want to enjoy a vacation in Cabo? Well, we are here for you to tell you about the things to do in Cabo San Lucas. This blog will give you an amazing insight into how to enjoy your vacation in Cabo.

Whale Watching

One of the best things to do in winter is going whale watching. Between mid-December and early April, almost every year. There are thousands of humpback gray, and other whales that migrate from Arctic grounds to the warm waters of the Baja Peninsula. They do this for mating and giving birth.

You can see the whales from the shore. These humpback whales are spouting and jumping.


One of the most fun activities in Los Cabos is Snorkeling. To snorkel in Cabo, Santa Maria Bay is the best option. You can get over there by a snorkeling boat tour. It will take 4-hour snorkeling and- sailing-catamaran cruise. Cabo is one of the best places to enjoy both kayaking and snorkeling.

Visiting Flora Farms

Although Flora Farms are here for several years now. But they keep reinventing people and get bigger and bigger. It is located near San Jose del Cabo, hidden on a sand road. It has 25-acre organic land and contains veggies, herbs, and flowers, etc.

Go To Medano Beach

Medano Beach is one of the best beaches in the world. It is calm for swimming and you can have a lot of fun and water activities over there. You can also do parasailing on the beach and enjoy the beauty of nature as well. 

Hiking at Pedregal

You can hike at Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas. It will not only be a great cardio workout, but you will also enjoy the beauty of nature.

Enjoy Tacos

One of the most amazing things about Cabo is that you can enjoy your favorite meals over there too. Especially, tacos are famous. Many people got interested in this traditional dish. 


You can enjoy swimming with amazing sea creatures. Yes, you can be with the swimming companions and these are friendly whale sharks. 

Splurge Hotel

There have been the swankiest hotels in Cabo over the ages. Cabo is not only a travel destination but a peaceful place to live. There are 25+ hotels in Cabo where you can not only stay but also enjoy the vacations. 

Art Walk

The art walk is another popular thing in Cabo. There are proper art galleries in Cabo where people go and enjoy the works by artists. You may go with your family and friends and enjoy the art done by people.


Although there are a lot of fun activities to do in Cabo. But flying on a Zipline is one of the best travel adventures to do in Cabo. You may also enjoy flying over a zip line as well. 


Here were the top best Things to do in Cabo San Lucas. We hope you enjoyed reading it. Pack your bags right now and go for an amazing trip to Cabo. 

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