Fundamental changes in the new UK immigration policy 2021


Are you immigrating to the UK anytime soon? An immigrant needs to know all the country’s policies where they want to go. The UK has some strict rules or guidelines for immigrants. However, in March 2021 i.e., the home office declared some changes in the UK immigration policies this year. The new set of immigration policies started taking effect on 6th April 2021.

Most of the new immigration policy is about the worker and study route. Moreover, many new appendices are there. There is a new implementation of the Graduate route, amendment of skilled worker route, and intracompany transfer or formerly know as ICT routes. Even though there are several changes, here are some of the critical differences in the new UK immigration policies

New upgrades in immigration policies

Since the new changes relate to worker routes and study routes, it will be better to start with the critical differences in the worker route.

ICT route

  • In the new immigration policy, the home office announced a reinstatement provision for intra-company workers. The change is for workers connected with intra-companies before 6th April 2011, to the time limit applied in the intra-company route. The new immigration policy allows eligible workers to extend their permission to work in an intra-company for five years with each application.

Skilled worker route

The new immigration policy declares expansion of shortage occupation for several sectors. Healthcare professionals, nursing auxiliaries, pharmacists, physiotherapists, healthcare services, public health manager and directors, laboratory technicians for healthcare and other sectors, these are all the sectors that come under this new immigration policy from the home office.

  • The annual salary level in the UK is £25,600. The home office mentioned that employers must pay a minimum of £10.10 to migrants for every hour. employers often increase the work hour of migrants to achieve the yearly salary level. It is a common scenario when employers tend to move migrants to a lower salary threshold. However, with the new rules, if an employer wants to drive a migrant, they must submit a new application.


There are several changes in the policies apart from the ones written above. Another difference is that a EUSS applicant might face rejection if there is some issue with their conduct since 1st January 2021. For a migrant, it will help if they go through all the major and minor changes made in the new UK immigration policy.




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