Properties of Stretch Fabric for Used in Textile

stretch fabric

There are a lot of fabrics that can be used to wear. But do you know that stretch is the best choice that you can use for a textile? There are different reasons why you should choose stretch fabrics. There are two main reasons behind choosing a stretch fabric

1. Stretchable Fabrics Can Extend Very Well

The property of stretching depends on a percentage of the fabric for communicating that the length of the fabric can increase by a certain amount. The stretch percentage is either horizontal or vertical, depending upon the direction of the fabric. 

The retailers do not provide this percentage, but you can ask them when buying a cloth.

2. Recovery of the Fabric

The recovery of the fabric describes whether it will come to its original shape or not. The stretchable fabric is best because it can return to its original state when you stretch it. Spandex is one of the best fabrics that fall into this category. 

Types of Fabrics That Are Easy to Stretch

Several types of fabrics are easy to stretch. Below are the types of stretchable fabrics:

1. Knit Fabrics

The first type is knit fabric. It is made up of interlocking loops of yarn. The knit fabrics in looping design can easily allow even non-stretchy yarns for condensing and straightening out when pulled. It helps in lengthening the fabric in the way you want.

The best part of the knit fabrics is that they will not affect the ability of yarn to straighten out. There are different ways in which you can arrange the loops together for forming different textures or the looks of fabric. 

2. Woven Fabrics

There is another type of fabric, and they are woven fabrics. They are made by intertwined yarns that line up in perpendicular axes that are also called the warp and weft method. They are not stretchy or less stretchy. But many types of woven fabrics are weaved along with the diagonal size, and they may stretch. 

What to Do When Fabric Stretches Out, and It Might Not Recover? 

Different fabrics can be used for wearing. But do you know that there are a lot of fabrics that can stretch out? The way to get rid of unfavorable stretching is to lay flat the fabrics after you have washed them. Then try to fold them into the storage for preventing stretching. 

You can wash, iron or steam the clothes to deform the shape of your clothes. You will not have to worry about how they look, or you have recently washed them. The only way to bring back their shapes is by following any step mentioned above.


Stretch fabric is best because it covers the air that passes through it in your body. Moreover, they are easy to wear and most comfortable. In addition, they can fit any size no matter you are getting fat or getting slim. We prefer you to buy these and get rid of other clothes. 

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