Requirements of Partner Visa 309 Subclass for Australia Partner Visa – Subclass 309


This information sheet aims to offer a broad overview of the partner visa 309 and the issues you will need to address if you apply for this visa. It focuses on the most typical eventualities for offshore partner visa applications and does not cover all conceivable options/scenarios.

It is also beyond the scope of this talk to offer a full overview of all the relevant elements you will need to consider. We highly advise that if you are contemplating applying for the subclass 309 visa, you make the necessary further inquiries to ensure that you are completely aware of your eligibility, the application procedure, and the documentary evidence requirements before lodging your application.

Australia Partner Visa requirement

The Australia Partner Visa requirements and application procedure is complicated and time-consuming. Before applying for a spouse visa, you must gather proof for all essential papers and fulfill specific qualifying conditions.

What are Temporary and Permanent Partner Visas in Australia?

An Australian partner visa is another name for an Australian spouse visa. The principal applicant, i.e., the Australian spouse, must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen.

An Australia Partner Visa requirements visa allows you to bring your spouse (husband or wife) or de facto partner (fiance, in a committed relationship) to Australia.

Eligibility Requirements for an Australian Spouse Visa

The essential condition for obtaining a Spouse Visa in Australia is that the connection be long-term and genuine.

You and your spouse share a permanent residence. You must have been married for the previous 12 months. You must both meet health and character requirements.

  • Application Process of Partner Visa subclass 309

Suppose you are married to, or in a de facto relationship with, an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen, and you are stationed abroad. In that case, you may consider applying for a partner visa 309 as a potential pathway to permanent residence in Australia.

The application is a two-step procedure in which you must simultaneously submit a combined application for a temporary visa (subclass 309) and a Permanent residency (subclass 100 visa). You will initially be examined for the temporary subclass 309 visa, enabling you to enter and live in Australia Partner Visa requirements while Immigration processes your application for permanent residence.

The combined subclass 309/100 application must be submitted from outside Australia, and you must be outside Australia when the temporary visa is granted. You can apply for the category 100 visa from within or outside Australia.

You will be evaluated for the subclass 100 visa two years after submitting your application. You will be given permanent residency in Australia if your application is successful. 

It is important to note that Immigration will confirm whether you continue to fulfill the visa grant conditions for the partner visa as part of its review of your subclass 100 visa application. One critical evaluation component is whether you are still married or in a de-facto relationship with your Australian partner.

  • Application Fees

The current application fees for submitting a combined subclass 309/100 visa application are provided below in the table. Please keep in mind that these fees are subject to change, and you should double-check the expenses that will apply in your instance before proceeding with the filing. Please remember that these costs may vary based on your specific situation.

  • Processing Time

Based on 25-90% of applications, the current average processing period for the subclass 309 visa is between 5 and 32 months.

Please remember that this is simply an estimate and is subject to change. The amount of time it takes to complete your application will also rely on your unique circumstances, such as whether you supply all needed documentation or if difficulties develop in evaluating whether you fulfill visa criteria, requiring the Department to perform further investigations.

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