Two Line Status – What Is It and How Does it Work?

Two Line Status

Everyone enjoys reading shayaris and poems. Some people do not understand the meaning of this shayaris because the words used in the shayaris are way too tough when compared to the Layman language. But there is a huge population who wait for their favourite Shayar to write new and amazing shayaris for them.

Many famous Shayari have written amazing poetries on love, friendship, patriotism and politics. There are no such feelings that cannot be expressed through these shayaris or poems.

Everything and every feeling can be expressed. It has a different way but the way is such that it makes you feel more about every little thing in your life. Now without wasting time let’s jump on to what is a two line status and how you can make it work for you. Dive in now to get the details.

What is a 2-line Status? 

A two-line status is a Shayari or a tukbandi which offers you to understand or express your feelings differently as told above. You can put this two-line shayaris at your status or in your captions.

Many people use this two-lines status as their Instagram captions. It has been observed that this status has improved the followers of the ones who have been using this for a while. So if you also want to increase your organic followers you can start putting shayaris as a caption. If your audience contains people who love to read poems or shayaris then it is the best solution for you.

So try to create shayaris or copy them from Google because Google has all kinds of captions and shayaris available already. So you can choose the best for yourself and the appropriate one must go with your Instagram or WhatsApp post.

How Will It Start To Work For You? 

Not everyone is a shayar. Some people are born with a poetic mind. But if someone desires to be a shayar, it is not a very difficult task for you to perform. You just have to learn some tips and you will be ready to go.

Get the understanding 

Get the understanding of what you are going to write and how you are going to write it. You first need to know what shayaris are and how it is written. What it is has been explained in the formal section but how you have to write it will now be explained.

When you have to write a Shayari you must know that there are certain rules you must follow. The lines that you will be using to create a Shayari must have rhyming words at the end.

Rewrite Shayaris 

Try to rewrite the shayaris of different poets. You can borrow the first lines of any poem or Shayari and then you can create your own version. This will give you a ladder to climb the road of Shayari soon.

You can also rewrite the songs that you like enough. This will enhance your writing skills and you will get to know how to write your feelings on paper.

Start To Read 

 You must start to read several poems and shayaris. You should always try to attend mushaira. All of this is going to enhance your poetic mind and skill. Once you start to read you get an idea of how famous poets write their poems and shayaris. You will easily get to write two-line status after some practice.

Better in making Kafiya

Try to create good kafiya. Kafiya means rhyming the last words of your shayaris full stop the second and last lines of your shayari must have driving words at last.

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