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The start of a new year usually provides travellers with the perfect opportunity to change their perspective on the world and embrace new travel trends.

Last summer, the travel industry seemed more prosperous again. While some travellers jumped at the chance to travel abroad under the red, orange, and green traffic light system, others put their travel plans on hold and began to embrace the idea of ​​vacationing at home; cottages, enjoy stays on the coast or camp under the stars.

Now that pretty much all corona measures are in the trash, many of us get itchy hands again when it comes to travel . “As we look ahead to the year ahead, we see a lot of excitement and anticipation among people about returning to travel, whether it be domestically, abroad, the trip of a lifetime or simply saying yes to any travel opportunity.

Millennial & Gen Z Generation in the Picture

Millennials were born between 1981 and 2000. So now they are between 18 and 37 years old. What is striking is that they often leave gadgets and other luxury items in the shop window to book a nice holiday. Families are the driving force behind this travel-hungry generation. 

Millennial families not only spend more on their holidays, they also travel differently. They cross the border more often, also take a cruise, make more group trips and opt for active holidays. In addition, they are well-informed, critical and looking for strong service and information on the spot – wherever that spot is.

Future of Travel

The developments in the travel industry do not lie. The greatest opportunities are for companies that manage to reach the millennial generation. But what is needed for this? How do you add value to their experience? Much attention was paid to possible answers in both Amsterdam and Budapest. And to visualise the ‘future of travel’. 

One of the proposals is a joint approach of travel and tourism companies. Studies show that people use many sources and channels to realise their wishes. The offer is therefore still much too fragmented.

Artificial Intelligence Makes Travel Experience More Personal

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has revolutionised travel. Thanks to smart technology, we as consumers are increasingly getting a tailor-made travel experience. The systems learn themselves and increasingly tailor the offer to the needs of you as a traveller, which we call machine learning (ML).

Riva Travels, is the Metaverse Travel Organization Transforming the travel industry, Riva Travels is bringing the powers of Metaverse at your fingertips. your trusted partner in the travel industry, offers you a chance to feel your vacation before you even start it.

Communicate via Chatbots and Machine Translation

New generations of chatbots are processing contact requests faster and faster. Thanks to AI and ML, answers to the most frequently asked questions are generated very quickly. For example, if you want to know from what time you can check in, how many beds there are in the room and whether there is WiFi in the hotel, the booking assistant. Automatically answers more than 60% of the questions. 

The assistant is so smart that it learns from the various types of questions that are asked, adjusts the answer itself and, where possible, takes action. “It’s about using technology for repetitive tasks that no longer require human intervention. This gives employees the opportunity to focus their time and energy on more difficult questions and challenges, which are more satisfying.

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