New Rules For Student Visa Australia in 2022


Here are the updated guidelines for student visa to Australia as of 2022. Before changing their studies, international students in Australia must receive the Minister’s consent.

When Can Australia’s New Student Visa Australia Regulations Become Official?

The Australian government is reportedly releasing these new visa regulations for people on Australian student visa, which are anticipated to go into force this July.

The Australian Student visa Australia is a short-term document that can be used for up to five years of study there. Students are permitted to enrol in an approved program of study, travel inside and beyond the nation, and temporarily work a set number of hours in any industry.

A new rule in Australia prohibits international students from changing their courses without the Minister’s consent.

Student Visa Australia

What Justifies Australia’s New Student Visa Australia Regulations?

The Minister must be convinced that there is no unreasonably high danger that the holder of the visa would export vital technology to another nation.

  • The Australia Student visa Australia may indeed be revoked if the Minister determines that there is an unreasonably high danger that a technological transfer would be unwelcome.
  • Unwanted vital technology transfer by a person is any of the following, whether direct or indirect.
  • crucial technology transfer.

Information Exchange on Important Technology

  • Damage or impairment of Australia’s security or defence, including activities, capacities, technology, techniques, or sources employed by domestic intelligence agencies, public authorities, or foreign intelligence services as defined under the Criminal Code;
  • hurt or otherwise jeo pardise the health & wellbeing of the Australian people, in whole or in part.
  • interfere with or negatively impact efforts to prevent, identify, investigate, prosecute, or punish criminal offences that violate the Commonwealth Act; or
  • Foreign relations with Australia are harmed or damaged

New Guidelines for Student Visa in 2022

The additional visa requirements, 8204A and 8204B have been established for students with student visa who are enrolled in a postgraduate research programme or a higher education programme and want to alter their course of study, thesis, or research subject. Otherwise, your Student visa Australia to Australia might be revoked by the Department of Home Affairs.

Updated Visa Requirements for Australian

The bearer of a Student visa Australia may not alter their course of study, thesis, or research subject, unless:

The Minister has accept the amendment in write and is satisfy that it does not pose an unacceptable risk of an undesired transfer of key technology by the holder.

  • The Minister is confident that there isn’t any disproportionate danger of the holder transferring crucial technology without permission.
  • The modification has received written ministerial approval.
  • The bearer of a Student visa in Australia is not permitted to start or alter a course of study, a thesis, or a research subject because:
  • A graduate certificate, diploma, master’s, or doctoral degree.

The implementation or modification of the holder’s course of study, research, thesis, or research subject has receive written approval from the Minister.

What would Happen to Your Australian Student Visa Australia If You Changed Your Course of Study?

International students able to switch their course of study after six months upwards with the consent of their educational establishment only.

The Minister will have the authority under the new regulations to deny a foreign student’s request to switch courses if doing so detrimental to the general welfare.

Holders of Australian student visa can still contest the Minister’s choice, according to the article. Before this date, applications aren’t going impact by the new rule.

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