Celebrities LeBron James, Mark Cuban, and Kevin Love Invest $12 Million In Funding For Neutral Foods.


Technology news update is the Neutral Foods has received $12 million in backing from a group of celebrities that includes LeBron James and other major NBA stars. Neutral Foods has received $12 million in backing from a group of celebrities that includes LeBron James and other major NBA stars.

Neutral Foods is a dairy firm that also measures greenhouse gas emissions from dairy product production and purchases carbon offsets to compensate for the emissions. Butter, organic half & half, and organic milk are all available at Neutral Foods.

Cuban, who has invested in hundreds of new firms and is frequent on Shark Tank, feels that Americans are growing more concerned about the items they buy and how they impact the environment.

“I believe customers are growing more concerned about the environmental effect of the things they buy.” “I believe Neutral is well positioned to supply that need,” Cuban told CNBC.

While most people think of transportation and power when they think of greenhouse gas emissions, agriculture significantly contributes to the emissions that are warming the globe. Agriculture is responsible for 19% of greenhouse gas emissions, ranking third behind manufacturing (31%) and energy (27%), according to Breakthrough Energy, reported in the Technology news update.

Carbon Credits and Carbon Neutral Foods

Consumers are now seeking methods to make more environmentally responsible purchases.

As a result, Neutral Foods is analyzing the emissions of its goods over their full lifespan. The corporation will then purchase carbon credits to compensate for the measured emissions.

Carbon credits are permits that businesses purchase to certify the removal of GHGs from the atmosphere. Neutral Foods purchases carbon offsets validated by the carbon certification organization Climate Action Reserve (CAR).

Technology news update Agriculture is one of the greatest emitters, ranking third according to Breakthrough Energy Ventures. It is responsible for 17% of total GHG emissions. Other significant emitters include:

  • (31%), manufacturing
  • (27%) electricity
  • (16%) transportation
  • Structures (7%)

Neutral Foods now has eight initiatives in the works at farms with whom it collaborates. It also has 30 projects in the works. The business hopes to accomplish two objectives with these projects:

  • to alter farming practices to enhance soil carbon absorption
  • To alter the diet of cows and the management of cow dung

Separating and composting manure, according to Ann Radiol, Head of Carbon Reduction at Neutral Foods, “alone can cut manure-related GHG emissions like methane and nitrous oxide by 19% to 50%.”

Reducing emissions on the farm

The organization assists farmers in making such modifications while giving them the required funds.

Neutral Foods assists the farm in learning a farming technique known as co-cropping or relay cropping. Planting two distinct crops at the same time is referred to as the procedure. The farm’s carbon footprint is reduced as a result.


The company’s milk brand is available at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Target, and various other supermarkets.

With excellent feedback from Neutral Foods consumers, several stores are considering expanding into additional items.

The firm will begin selling pasture-raised butter that is carbon-neutral. It also intends to offer meat in the future.

The ranch owner approached the firm for assistance with cattle emissions tracking programs. The rancher has heard about cattle feed additives that lower methane emissions produced by cows during digestion.

The pilot experiment tests a seaweed addition in the diet of 50 cattle. The company will provide researchers, collaborators, and techniques to quantify methane emissions for this endeavor.

For Gates’ investment fund, this type of initiative delivers a price signal to farmers that sustainable practices are valuable. And as the brand grows and expands, the same is true for scaling up farm-level results.

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