Complete Guidelines for International Students to Course Change


Students studying or enrolled for higher studies in Australia or other foreign countries need to follow various rules and regulations as per their country and have a proper visa for their educational migration. Most students who study abroad will have several thoughts about their studies, and many people may have confused about choosing their course.

Most Australian universities will have the course switch option for their students. Students choosing Course change Melbourne should make their decision before July 1 because, after that, the government of Australia declared several changes in the student visa subclass 500 about course changing. 

Australia’s department of home affairs made several changes in the laws for international students. After July 1, students can’t apply for course change, and they need to get proper permission from the ministry. These rules are for security reasons and must prevent the visa holders’ unwanted transfer of critical technologies.

So, students willing to study in universities of Australia should choose their courses wisely, and after picking, they will not get a chance to change their courses. So, these are the basic details people need to know about course changes in Australian universities. Knowing these details will help students learn more about visas and new laws on subclass 500. 

Course Change

Details about Course Change Melbourne

Students studying in various cities of Australia, like Melbourne, will have multiple changes in their student visa, and people looking in the country’s universities will have several changes in their course-changing process. So, students who are studying for various degrees and other courses like

  • Doctorate
  • Master’s degree
  • Graduate Diploma
  • Graduate certificate
  • Any bridging course 

So, for some courses, students need permission or approval from the ministry to change their course in the Australian university. So, students studying for these courses will not have the chance of course change Melbourne, and if they need to change their course, it should be done before July 1, after which the no course change law will be in action. So, these are some details people need to know about the course change option for international students. 

Some Ways to Change Course 

Students studying in international universities in countries like Australia will have several educational options, and each course available will have several educational values. So, many students will have an idea to change their courses from their current course. People must follow various methods for these processes to help them complete the changing process. So, some of the ways are

  • Check visa cindition on VEVO
  • Apply for a course switch before July 1
  • Get expert advice
  • Get help from a university advisor

So, these options are available for students to increase their chance of changing their course. In addition, many students who need to choose different courses from their current courses can use these steps to help people achieve their requirements. So, people, who need the course change Melbourne should follow these simple, practical rules. 

Details about form 1221

Students who need to change their major, research topic, or other courses should complete this form 1221. This form is primarily for students who need to change their educational stream. To fill out this form, students must fill in all the necessary details about the changes they need to make. They must also provide a PDF with the student’s personal information to start the procedures. After completing and gathering all the requirements in the form, students need to submit it to the [email protected] website. 

So, after completing the submission, people must wait for the final results and the home affairs department’s decision. It’s because the government of Australia needs to consider the student’s request, and they need to verify all the details of the students to know about their background. They also need to confirm that they are not any threat to their country’s society. Then, after all these processes, people must wait for the final decision from the department of home affairs about the change in their educational course. 


All these details are necessary for students who study or study in Australia or other countries. These details about the course change Melbourne will help them know all the elements required for students to manage their visas after the law changes in the country. In addition, knowing these details will help all students get their tickets for abroad studies. 

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