New And Used Abstract Art for Sale In Los Angeles

sale for abstract art in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for its world-class art collections and famous art museums. There are almost 841 museums and art galleries in Los Angeles. Every year there is a abstract art for sale Los AngelesMany people from outside the city and from the city come to buy the abstract art they love. 

Los Angeles has always been known for its work of tremendous artwork. Are you excited to know the list of abstract art for sale in the city? So, here is a list of some new and used abstract art for sale in Los Angeles

1) Chris Burden at Gagosian

Gagosian trotted out simply one painting: an enormous set up with the aid of Chris Burden. Dreamer’s Folly (2010), which capabilities 3 conjoined pavilions held up with the aid of using Greco-Roman-fashion columns, is one of numerous works Burden produced as a part of his “Folly” series. Meant to imitate systems visible in an English garden, the piece debuted at Gagosian’s Rome outpost in 2010, however, had in no way earlier than been exhibited withinside the U.S. It was offered to an organization in Europe for an undisclosed price.

2) Paulina Olowska at Pace Galler

Paulina Olowska, a current addition to Pace’s roster, had at Frieze the Portrait Artist’s Flea Market (2021), which was being offered for $200,000. 

  • It became in all likelihood now no longer the maximum steeply-priced paintings to promote on the dealer’s booth, however. 
  • That may also have been a “Gazing Ball” sculpture with the aid of Jeff Koons that the gallery has stated offered for “under $three million.” Pace additionally offered a set of NFTs with the aid of using from Leo Villareal’s “Cosmic Reef” series, one in every of which went to Chicago-primarily based totally collector Suzanne Deal Booth.

3) Jordan Wolfson at David Zwirner

At David Zwirner, brand new well-established paintings with the aid of Jordan Wolfson that capabilities an aerial image of a parade, alongside a body decorated with the repeated handwritten phrase “God is God” throughout it, offered for $400,000. 

  • Other works from the showcase, together with artwork by Lisa Yuskavage and Alice Neel, reached charges of around $1 million, the gallery stated. 
  • New artwork with the aid of using Josh Smith, Katherine Bernhardt, and Nate Lowman offered for charges between $150,000 and $220,000

4) Liza Lou at Lehmann Maupin

Lehmann Maupin offered Liza Lou’s huge wall sculpture Into the Mountain (2021) for $385,000 to Dallas-primarily based collectors. 

  • The New York–primarily based totally gallery additionally stated it offered works through McArthur Binion, Arcmanoro Niles, Calida Rawles, Helen Pashgian, and Mandy El-Sayegh.

5) Camille Henrot at Hauser & Wirt

Hauser & Wirth grew its complete sales space to Camille Henrot, who confirmed 23 new watercolours, drawings, and collaged artwork. 

  • The gallery pronounced that each one of them was offered through the second day of the fair, with every painting bought for a fee between $20,000 and $140,000.

6) Michael Williams at David 

Los Angeles’s David Kordansky Gallery stated it offered a collection of 7 works through Michael Williams. These new works, from his “Puzzle Paintings” series, feature glossy abstracted bureaucracy in gray and red palettes, and are first composed on a laptop after which they are printed. 

  • Each portrayal is offered for $100,000. 
  • On the gallery’s desire to convey Williams’s works to the fair, director Michelle Pobar stated, “We desired to focus on certainly one among our city’s maximum compelling and rigorous painters.”

7) Thomas Houseago at Xavier Hufkens

Xavier Hufkens offered out its complete sales space of recent artwork through Thomas Houseago, an artist whose paintings have counted as a minimum one Hollywood super mega-celebrity amongst its fans: Brad Pitt, who’s a pal of Houseago. 

  • Each painting got here with an asking fee of around $350,000. One of these artworks, Purple Sunset at the Pool – Early Moonrise (2021), depicts a moonlit sky and was offered through a non-public collector. 
  • It can be loaned to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art following the fair.

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