Best Public Relations Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

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Companies are craving active and attention-seeking campaigns to inspire their market-oriented business advertisements. Social media marketing has reached hype in the last few years, and these attractive campaigns have made a striking move. 

It is a strategy which objectifies the alluring attraction between the products or services and the targeted demands of the customers.

It involves varied research in propagating fields like trends, demands, fluctuating needs, and attractions of the targeted demand forum. Few companies like Perlu Agency take these PR campaigns into serious consideration. 

PR campaigns essentially have a particular purpose of serving, and it helps to achieve some goal-oriented programs within a definite timeline which will serve a purpose. It’s an extremely powerful manipulating method for business marketing.

Alike Perlu Agency, PR campaigns vocalize the success of a business and showcase potential consumers who are the assets of your business. It helps to smoothen the business communication between sellers and buyers. 

Here are some of the best clicking Public Relation examples that will push you up for your next campaign:

1. Dove- Real Beauty: 

Our movie hallows have created an image of different beauty standards in our mind, which is questioning the existence of many. Recently, every aged beauty standard is breaking its means in social posts, but different companies like Perlu Agency are breaking those in heavy form. 

Dove shook its name up in the marketing list for this cause. Dove always advertises the real beauty of every carve in women’s skin without any filters making a significant breakthrough in the beauty industry by idealising the PR campaign- ‘Dove- A Real Beauty.’

2. Zara’s At Home Photoshoot: 

 One of the best PR campaigns was done by this internationally influential brand Zara. This clothing retailing brand campaigned its thought while Covid years. It stated its considerable belief in not compromising fashion while staying at home. Its belief system works like Fashion is equally inseparable from Indoor. 

It concentrated on a person’s sense of beauty irrespective of the presence of others. This brand pushed its customers to choose homely comforts and still challenge the ramp game leaving behind suited-booted dress-ups. 

3. KFC- It’s finger-licking Good:

They provide some excellent chicken snacks that break through the heart of non-veg snack lovers. It attained its PR mass influence with its perfect campaign title, which aligns with its juicy finger-licking chicken snacks. 

While during the Pandemic, to spread awareness, KFC blurred out the ‘finger-licking’ portion to spread hygiene awareness among their customers. They are making it more aligning and customer-friendly even during the tough times of pandemics.

4. Spotify-Wrapped followed by Perlu Agency:

This PR campaign is getting viral throughout. This app gave an extremely attractive virtual pleasure with great colourful background slides making people addicted to their listening habits. ‘Wrapped Up’ lyrical addiction was the main goal of this brand. 

They are making it a perfectly titled campaign. It is not only a lyrical bud, but it’s equally a multimedia forum as well. They are connecting all sorts of customers from different corners of the world to Tune in accordingly.

5. Carlsberg’s- Adopt A Keg:

This brand from Denmark, famous for its breweries, adopted a branding PR to influence the improvised version of their technology. During the pandemic, the brand invented a customer-friendly campaign of ‘Adopt A Keg’. 

During the Pandemic, people stayed isolated and avoided meetings in public bars and restaurants. So, Carlsberg thought of an innovative idea of scanning products once bought from shops to fill a Keg. It showed a thoughtful approach towards its customers, like the Perlu Agency, during a difficult time.


Public Relations campaigns are an excellent source of informing customers about the brand’s thoughtfulness and carefulness about the wants and demands of their customers. It showcases the creativity of branding and calculative excellence. 

PR campaigns showcase and vocalize the brand visibility and initiate credibility. It helps to create asset consumers. PR campaign takes a basic idea and transforms it into a successful initiation. The hallow of creativity and flair turns a simple idea into a successful route. 

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