British cities with a growing active business population


Are you heading towards a new business plan? But can’t start your business in London? So what? Various British cities hold a considerable success rate in the business industry. It is a common thought in entrepreneurs that London is the only city where their business can bloom. It is pretty easy to understand why they say think so. However, over the years, various UK cities have become one of the most significant places for business.

If you live in the UK or want to start a business in the UK, remember London is not the option. Several northern cities and Midland places are transforming into cities with great business opportunities. In this article, we will bring out the hidden gems in the UK for better business opportunities.

Top cities in the UK to start your business

  • Birmingham

Birmingham showed a high success rate over the years when it comes to the UK cities with great business opportunities. It plays a vital role in the national and international commercial activity hub for modern-day. It has the most significant business population after London. Not only that but this city in Midlands seems to be an affordable alternative to London. It is comfortable to predict that the growth of business opportunities in Birmingham will set a benchmark in the UK in the next few years.

  • Leeds

Leeds is the third British city to have the largest active business population after London and Birmingham. The town is in the northern country of Yorkshire. After London, Leeds is the largest financial center in England. The top 6 universities in the city make it an excellent sector for education with qualified adults. Due to its economic growth, it has become a vital area for fintech start-ups over the years.

  • Glasgow

Glasgow is the second biggest city in Scotland. It has the highest rate of educated adults, which results in an excellent opportunity for technology sectors. It also has various options for small businesses to achieve success. However, increasing crime rates was the only issue with this place. But luckily, in a decade, the graph for crime rates in Glasgow is on the lower side.

Other popular cities for business opportunities in the UK

  • Sheffield
  • Coventry
  • Bristol
  • Nottingham
  • Brighton
  • Leicester
  • Edinburgh


Several cities are coming out with glowing talents making them more active with the business population.



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