Top 5 Delicious Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes Ideas

Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes

Air fryers are a brilliant invention among other kitchen appliances that healthify your fried junk and offer you a wide range of dishes, including some delicious and quick breakfast items that can water your mouth in an instant. 

So, whether you have some extra time to make an insta-worthy meal or want to impress your sudden guests, or are just simply bored from the regular bowl of cereals – your magical air fryer can come to rescue you. 

Check out these quick yet delicious Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes from famous food bloggers and home cooks to perk up your taste buds and start your day!

5 Delicious Breakfast Recipes Made in the Air Fryer

1. French Toasts

Ever tried making french toast without a pan and oven? If not, try it out in the air fryer right next morning and trust me, you will be amazed to get that crispy outer layer and fluffy interior in less than 10 minutes. French toasts are the most common and popular breakfast item around the world. 

Just make your sweet or savory egg mixture, dip the bread, throw it in the air fryer and flip It over after some minutes and that’s it! Your perfect go-to breakfast dish is ready to serve. Top it with some flavored syrup or butter and berries, and it will be gobbled up in seconds.

2. Banana Bread 

Baking in an air fryer can be much easier than you could ever think of! Be it muffins or cookies, or bread, air fryers can pull off anything in a tasty way. And when it comes to making banana bread, it just works wonders. 

Mashup all the overripe bananas that are lying in your fridge into one morning-time masterpiece. Follow some quick steps from a recipe, then put it in the preheated fryer, and it will get you super moist, fluffy, and delicious banana loaves of bread that can be a perfect grab not only in the morning but any time of your day. 

3. Breakfast pizza 

What can be better to spice up your morning routine than a slice of pizza? Now imagine having the version of pizza that is much healthier and guilt-free and filled with goodness! Yep, with the air fryer, it’s possible. 

It will undoubtedly put a smile on your face if you start your day with an air-fried flaky crust of pizza bread topped with fluffy scrambled eggs, pork sausages, perfect slices of cherry tomatoes, and finished with loads of cheese.

4. Creamy and crispy Burritos

Who doesn’t like to bite on a burrito filled with flavourful goodness? If you have a long day of work ahead, want to cure last night’s hangover, or are hungry in the morning, this delicious breakfast option can be your ultimate solution. 

They are the perfect combination of creaminess and crunch, which you can make easily in the air fryer in just a few minutes. Stuff your warm, soft tortilla loaves of bread with creamy ingredients like scrambled eggs, cheese, and avocado. 

Then add the crispness with bacon and tater tots and make your perfect morning burritos that are incredibly incredible, delicious, and substantial.

5. Potato pancakes

If you need extra oil to make fried food taste good, you need to think again. Because these air-fried potato pancakes will flip your mind, you get to enjoy the goodness of potatoes in an oil-free healthier way with these simple yet deliciously delicious pancakes. 

It is also helpful to put yesterday’s mashed potatoes into good work! Fill the pancakes with some bits of bacon, cheese, and chives and bake them in the air fryer in small batches to get the perfect crispiness outside and cheesiness inside. It is one of the easiest air fryers breakfast recipes.

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the whole day. But sometimes, due to waking up late or not having enough time before work, we don’t get to fill our stomachs with our much-needed breakfasts. 

But air fryers breakfast recipes cannot only be quick and easy, but they can also be healthy and delicious so that you don’t get to skip your breakfast even if you are running late.

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