Types of Aluminum Window Locks for Better Security

Aluminium window locks

For the same property guard, locks and lock expertise are necessary. You can get something from the locks on the doors and windows. Different types of doors and windows work with various Aluminum Window Locks. Learn the distinctions between sash locks, deadbolts, and anti-snap locks so that you may make an informed choice and stay away from locksmith con artists.

Many Kinds of Window Locks

  • The traditional method of entering a house through the doors has been replaced with windows. Find Aluminum Window Locks to improve property security and make people feel safer in their homes.
  • There are numerous options available when it comes to window locks. It would help if you discovered locks that work with hardwood and uPVC windows. Window handles to locking window stays, snap locks, sliding window locks, and many others are some of the prominent window locks.
  • Sash stops, sash bolts, casement stays, casement fasteners, and wood casement window locks are available for wooden windows. There are swing locks, sash locks, sash stoppers, and multiple-point locking mechanisms for uPVC windows.

Aluminium Window Locks

Different Types of Aluminum Window Locks 

  • Latches on windows

Window latches are probably commonplace to you. When a window is closed, the top of the window sash latches the two pieces of the window together. Both single and double-hung windows can use them. You only need to turn the latch’s handle to lock or unlock the window.

  • Window Sliding Locks

These locks are inserted into a sliding window’s track to stop it from opening. Lever or thumbscrew locks of this sort are both available. You must turn a wing nut to secure the lock and keep the window from opening if it employs a thumbscrew. Even use keys to sure sliding window locks.

  • Breathable locks

On the window frame, above the sash, is a ventilating lock. It includes an adjustable pin that keeps it from fully opening when positioned above the window. The window can fully open if the pin is moved aside.

  • Wedge Locks with Hinges

A hinged wedge lock restricts the opening of a double-hung window. It can prevent a closed window from opening if mounted just above the sash until you slide the lock inward to enable the window to open entirely. If placed higher on the window frame, the window can be partially opened but not farther without pushing the lock inside.

  • Accordion Latches

These latches also referred to as top-hung window locks, can be used to lock top-hung windows, including awning and casement windows. To keep the windows closed, mount them on the window frame and fold the lockdown. The latch may be opened by pulling it up, allowing your window to open.

  • Keyhole Pins

To prevent a burglar from opening a double-hung window, a locking pin is inserted through one sash and into the second sash. A chain is frequently used to fasten the pin to the window frame.

  • Lagged screws

Lag screws are a low-cost solution for double-hung windows. On the left and right sides of the window sash, you can drill holes and then screw in the washer-recessed screws. The screws can be tightened with a unique key. With this option, you can lock the windows even if they are only partially open.


When buying Aluminum Window Locks, enquire at the dealer about the available locks. Remember that buying aftermarket locks involves selecting the wrong lock for your window type or having it installed improperly. When buying aftermarket locks, seek advice from an expert to ensure that your home and family are appropriately protected.

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