Very Important Gujarati Current Affairs topics for Gujarat Police Exams

Gujarati Current Affairs

The Gujarat Police Exam is the state’s most sought-after police recruitment exam. With over 1 lakh people competing, it is one of the toughest exams to crack. It has a history of being tough and rewarding those who study well and practice hard.

Dealing with thousands of applicants, this exam provides an opportunity to excel for many aspirants from diverse backgrounds. We have compiled some essential Gujarati current affairs subjects for the Gujarat Police Exam to make you aware of what’s going on before your exams so that it becomes easier for you to prepare for them.

The candidates appearing for the Gujarat Police Exam can utilize this article to make their preparation complete proof and get a good rank in the exam.

Essential subjects for Gujarat Police Exams ( Current Affair Basis)

Any question regarding Current Affairs can be asked from the recent time or past 2-3 years. Current affairs in Gujarati are of immense importance for the preparation for the Police exam.

1. Political Science:  Constitution of India, National and International laws, Government policies and programs, Political Parties and their role in shaping socio-economic development, etc., are some crucial topics taken from this subject. The aspirants should have a thorough knowledge of the Constitution of India, its Preamble, Fundamental Rights and Duty of Citizens, Directive Principles of State Policy, etc.

2. General Knowledge: General Science, General India, Indian Constitution and its Additions & Amendments, Modern History of India, Indian Politics and its details in the past 70 years (with a comparative study of Indian and other countries’ politics in the present scenario), Geography of India in particular, International relation (predominantly South Asian Countries), Current affairs from Gujarat and other states of India.

3. Aptitude Stage exam: Data interpretation, Time & Work study skills, etc., are tested here. The aspirants should know Arithmetic number series like Pareto Distribution, Random Sampling methods for statistics to prepare their answers for this stage.

4. Sociology: The contenders should have a thorough knowledge of the facts of the crime, the criminal justice system, and how they influence our society. Some Important topics which can be asked in this domain are:

a. Role of Media, Films, and Films Act in society (especially Indian Society), Role of Women in Indian culture & Politics, Social Deviants (Rape, Black money, etc.), Criminal Law and its administration, etc.

b. Lifestyles of different classes, Their relation with the social structure & their role among others (aspirants should clearly understand the caste system, Brahminism, and Other developments/ changes as compared to British India).

5. Geography: Geography of India, Regional Geography of Gujarat, Geographical features and Major rivers in the state (with their origins, tributaries, and their importance), Flora & Fauna, etc.

6. Economic Affairs: Our country is one of the world’s leading economies. The contenders should clearly understand some essential things like our country’s economy, factors that influence its growth and development, the Finance and Banking sector, etc.

7. Development: The contenders should know about our backwardness as compared to other countries, its reasons, and also know how much progress has been made in terms of industrialization & electrification of villages, etc. Government policies on rural development etc.


We hope that this article was able to help you in choosing the appropriate topics for studying. We are sure that this information will significantly help you as we have tried to include every important point from each subject. 

Don’t forget to read all the current affairs in Gujarati. They will surely help you to get a good rank in the exam.

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